The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) reports that variations in the level of different state adoptions of the National Electrical Code (NEC®) is a contributing factor in widespread electrical fires across the U.S., resulting in billions of dollars in damages. Raleigh electrical contractor CMC Electric is pushing to lead the way in electrical safety for the residents of the Raleigh, NC area. In the world of business time is money, and if your work day is hindered by electrical problems contact immediately your 24 hr electricians Melbourne so that it will not consume your time trying to fix then that’s time and money lost for your business.

An article published by the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) estimates that more than 60,000 fires in the United States between 2010 and 2014 were caused by electrical problems. These fires have resulted in an average of more than 400 deaths per year. The real tragedy is that many of these disasters are preventable through proper training and electrical safety. “If they aren’t up to date on the latest NEC, they simply won’t know the rules that need to be enforced,” Michael Johnston, executive director of standards and safety for the NECA, said in the article. The right training and mindfulness of code regulations can help to prevent electrical negligence that can lead to larger problems for homes.

“To be realistic, if you were to talk to ten different electrical contractors at random, most of their employees are never sent anywhere for continuing education because it costs a lot of money,” says Chris Conrad, president of CMC Electric, a North Carolina residential and commercial electrical contracting company. “However, we do because we understand the benefit of it, and it’s a large benefit to us.”

Conrad emphasized the importance of continuing education for electricians and making sure employees are mindful of the latest safety standards. “All of CMC’s electricians are kept up to date with code standards and safety practices through our continuing education that we put all of them through multiple times throughout the year,” he said.

With the prevalence of potential safety and fire hazards inherent in electrical work, Conrad stressed the how imperative it is to work with electricians that are both licensed and insured. Without working with an insured electrician, homeowners run the risk of having little recourse should a fire occur.

“You don’t want to just let anyone into your home where your family sleeps, into your investment, and work on possibly the most vital and hazardous system in your home,” Conrad said. “It’s almost like needing brain surgery and going to the community college to get a discount. If they hire a company with no continuing education and isn’t professional, it only takes one faulty point of termination to start a fire.”

Adequate insurance provides a vital safety net that does more than protect the electricians themselves. It also serves to safeguard the investments of homeowners. This added protection makes it essential to confirm an electrician is insured, before hiring them for work.

“Before you let someone in your house, do your homework on them. Make sure they’re licensed and ask for proof of insurance. That should be the first thing that you verify before allowing someone to work on your property,” Conrad explained. “Our insurance is second to none. We could rebuild the White House. Our electricians are continuously trained and are always taking courses that boost their experience level, technical expertise, and safety practices.”

In addition to its comprehensive level of insurance, CMC Electric offers a service and repair guarantee for 100% customer satisfaction combined with a lifetime parts warranty (excluding generators) and a lifetime craftsmanship warranty.

This dedication to safety and customer service has resulted in CMC Electric establishing itself as a leading electrical service company throughout Raleigh and the rest of North Carolina. “We have a philosophy that if the client thinks that they deserve something, we’ll give it to them,” says Conrad. “That’s our mentality, and that’s what has gotten us to where we are.”

About CMC Electric
Founded in 2005, CMC Electric is a leading electrical service and repair company serving Raleigh, Clayton, Wilmington, and Charlotte, N.C. The fully licensed and insured electricians at CMC Electric are prepared to handle a full range of electrical services from general repair to new construction. CMC Electric can be contacted online at where customers may request service or can be reached by phone at (919) 246-4798 for emergency services 24/7.

CMC Electric Leads the Charge in Raleigh Electrical Safety