Key Prospects of Content Marketing

Do the people of this generation have what it takes to succeed in today’s modern digital marketing world? Concept board frames artist Sydney are all presented in the most professional and high quality manner.

As the linear landscape of marketing continues to shift, the roles of content marketers are evolving as per the requirements and expectations. And to distinguish your work, you will have to find other ways in which you can expand your skills, even if you’ve conquered your writing skills.

While the demand of people having good communication and marketing skills who can adapt these latest trends, is increasing day by day, by the businesses seeking talent in these arenas, the struggle to recruit and retain these professionals increases rapidly.

Thanks to all those obsolete university programs, there’s a major talent gap in the generations, and to remain constantly competitive, the succeeding generation of modern digital marketer’s skills and accomplishments must go beyond the conventional methods. With the increase in demand and decrease in the supply of content marketing economy, Are there any jobs and what are the employers searching for in a prototypical applicant?

Studies on 3000+ jobs that are specific to content marketing , reveals a lot about our industry’s job market and shows that today’s applicant must be an all rounder- part technician and part artist.

3 Principals from today’s Content Marketing Arena

1) Experienced player is often credited over merit credentials

“You need experience to get a job, but you can’t get a job unless you have experience.”

And this debate goes on and on. Some argue saying that experience is more important than a degree, but then some say that education forms the core building block for a successful career.

By examining the statistics of how the recruiters select candidates, we found that minimum level of experience and the highest level of education is most preferred , we further found that degrees and diplomas beyond bachelors are not necessary, even for senior level positions. It was also revealed that the media and mass communication industry credited experience more than their merit credentials.

2) Location plays the lead in game

While New York and California has always been well known for giving content marketing jobs being the big daddy of media giants and tech start-ups. Joining the race are the states of Washington and North Carolina ranking 18 and 12 respectively. Meanwhile, there are cities that act like dead zones offering zero jobs to content marketers like Great Plains and Mississippi Valley

3) Hybrid players win the race

Today’s prototype marketers are highly skilled writers, analytical and tech expert, with strong competencies in business, IT and human behaviour. Separately these skills are used in different marketing arena but all together these skills give rise to a hybrid content marketer that has creativeness and innovation all with traditional methods.

9 Technical and Innovative Skills every content marketer must be proficient in

What are Technical Skills?

As marketing is becoming more dependent on online platforms and digital tools, technical skills are becoming most important. A familiarity and proficiency with these skills help in the long run to collaborate with different departments more efficiently. Different courses, diplomas and certifications enhance marketer’s capability for better commitment and compatibility.

1) Search Engine Optimization

Content marketers must know the meaning and utility of SEO, how the on-page and off-page optimization works, highlights and understanding Google Panda Algorithm, EMD update and Google Penguin so that they can create and execute campaigns and strategies.

The complex world of digital marketing or technical SEO can seem a bit difficult, but Simply Digital offers a certified course in Search Engine Optimization practically teaching everything from how a search engine operates, to common myths and delusions.

2) Google Analytic

Being a free web analytics service provider, Google analytics tracks and reports website traffic. In the end of a marketing campaign, performance reporting and measuring is done, so a bit proficiency with Google Analytics which is most commonly used data analysis tool, is beneficial. Google provides free training, support, and even certification providing assistance is using their analytics tools, including online courses starting from basic principles to mobile app fundamentals.


Content marketers don’t need to build an entire website on their own, but knowing a bit of basic coding and languages like HTML and CSS can help immensely especially when working on blogs and landing pages cover a huge part of your work.

4) Programming

Understanding the basics of programming language puts a content marketer at an advantage when setting realistic time frames, negotiating fair budgets and knowing the limitations and possibilities of projects when collaborating with other members.

One of the most popular sites like Codeacademy gives free interactive sessions with free tutorials and with the help of its compiler you can compile your program and check its result, then & there.

What are Creative Skills?

In comparison with technical skills, creative skills are more conceptual, artistic and imaginative whereas the counterpart reflects more of practical and concrete knowledge. We are living in the age of creativity, where everybody has knowledge and is expert in some or the other subject but how innovatively can you showcase your content, creates a difference in your work. Though it is learnt best through your own experience however seeking any senior’s advice comes in handy and useful.

5) Writing

CMI’s definition of Content Marketing gives you a sense of the industry’s breadth:

“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience- and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

For engaging a targeted audience and influencing the customer’s experience in your website a content marketer should frequently upload quality content, briefing the brand’s story. Writing skills would always remain the core of content marketing in one way or another regardless of the format, channel, or vehicle involved. One of the best-selling books on content writing is Ann Handcley’s Everbody Writes, a classical writing guide and content marketing handbook.

6) Marketing Strategy

Depending on your organisation’s goal, a good marketing strategy should be made from complete market research and should focus on the right mix in order to achieve maximum profit and sustain the business. There various ways to approach your strategy. However, all marketing strategies aim to unite many sales efforts and marketing to achieve supremacy.

Want to enhance your marketing strategy skills? Invest on Harvard Business Review having top 10 reads on strategic marketing.

7) Content Strategy

“A content strategy flips the tables on traditional, linear marketing by defining the process and then securing the right resources for producing a consistent stream of content mapped to buyer needs across all phases of the buying cycle” by Michael Brenner, SAP

Mostly content marketing and content strategy are used reciprocally, but both are very different practices. While planning and management come under content strategy, the marketing approach that uses content to develop customer relationship and positions the brand as a credible expert comes under content marketing. Ultimately, one cannot exist without the other

Want to improve your content strategy, check out Erin Kissane’s The Elements of Content Strategy, insights on its basic principle.

8) Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is a method of marketing which solidifies you as an expert or an authority within your industry. The basic goal is to provide an entry point to your business by branding yourself as an expert is an essential skill in a competitive landscape.

For help in various definitions read , LinkedIn’s ebook: The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to Thought Leadership , it helps immensely with application throughout each stage of the buying cycle.

9) Brand Development

The basic goal of Brand development is to provide creative and strategic brand guidelines that will enable the company to achieve a competitive advantage and progress towards becoming a more marketing driven company. It takes into consideration the overall marketing strategy, it maintains an organisation’s image to build brand equity and ensure brand integrity

Ready to Improve Your Content Marketing Skills?

No matter how much of experience or education you have, the most important agenda for a content marketer is to continue education and staying updated with the latest industry trends and news.

To improve your skills, there is an ocean of specific books, digital guides, and courses with a host of podcasts, newsletters, articles and webinars available in the internet among some are the sites like HubSpot, Moz, MarketingProfs, and Contently, Simply Digital are to name a few written by the industry experts.

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