Benefits of Pilates to Every Person

The absolute benefits of Pilates are only achieved if a person understands and follows Pilates as a way of moving and a way of life. This concept require more than just attending a class on a regular basis. The benefits are enormous if a person has been taught pure Pilates and understands exactly what core stability is and how to function every day using it. Remedial massage Northern Beaches can offer relief from a wide range of acute and chronic muscle and joint conditions.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is the specific training of the Transverse Abdominal muscle (TVA) to achieve deep core stability. The TVA runs around the lower abdomen and inserts into the spinal joints in the lower back. When tight it will pull the belly in flat, pull the waist line in above the pelvis and support the lumbar spinal joints. How to contract it properly is where to benefits are achieved or not achieved.

So what are the Benefits?

Flat stomach… The Tranvserve abdominal muscle is the key to a flat stomach
Tight waist line… again if the TVA is toned the waist line is reduced in size
Strong core stability….to give support to all the postural muscles
Decreased lower back pain… if does really do this
Better spinal posture
Better vertical posture.
Increased pelvic floor strength.. this is another key postural muscle
Increased antigravity postural strength
Increased spinal flexibility
Ability to manage headaches
Strong abdominal tone
Better corordination
Better sporting performances
Less pain with repetitive work.
Etc etc etc they are so many benefits of pilates

Now lets look at how this can be achieved?

How can you succeed using pilates training?

There are hundreds of Pilates classes offered in every town and city. Many of these are quite expensive so it is important to look at the quality of the program offered and the skills of the exercise leader. Every movement, every exercise is in fact a palates exercise because every exercise involves core stability.(or should). Unfortunately Pilates has been marketed as the yuppie exercise for anybody willing to pay the higher fees. Many trainers and gym instructors are actually not educated well enough to run “Pilates Classes” and train people to achieve the above. Many are just running aerobics classes and instructing their participants to hold their core tight. The instructions on HOW are very minimal. This is where many classes are failing and many people are not achieving the benefits they should be. People are not taught Pilates they just follow a routine.

How to get the benefits of Pilates?

I have witnessed many who have been victims of poor quality classes and have suggested the following.

Join classes run by Physiotherapists or Exercise Physiologists.

Follow DVDs produced by people with expert qualifications only, not just a gym trainer or a fitness trainer, their knowledge of biomechanics and posture is not complete.

The benefits of learning pure Pilates will lead you to a better way of moving, in sport in your work and also teach you how to stretch properly. This knowledge and education is then used forever in your everyday life activities. If you learn Pure Pilates and follow it as a way of moving the stresses on your body will be minimized and the management of pain is immediate and self managed.

I recommend every person should learn Pure Pilates and how to use it in their daily lives. Follow an expert and get your moneys worth. Be careful of classes that do not teach you HOW.

Annette Willson

I have a Masters Degree in Physiotherapy and I am a Pilates teacher. My Pure Pilates program is a teaching program. This DVD will teach you how to train your deep core muscles and use them for life. You can have a strong core with a flat tummy and a good posture just by knowing how to train and use your core. This is not a follow the leader program, you will learn for yourself about yourself. Have a look at my website. It will be enlightening. Check out our DVD and follow the procedure.

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How to Really Benefit and Succeed From Pilates Training