Autism Just Doesn’t Affect The Child Diagnosed It Affects The Whole Family.

Whole, fresh vegetables, beans and legumes, and a variety of fresh fruits serve as nutrition for the bacteria in our gut. It’s such a misunderstood disorder and has been linked to many possible factors. Although the child with autism may be in physical pain and have trouble communicating, the family shares their pain as well. It can be especially frustrating before you know what the issue is. When CJ was young, I knew that he was in pain and felt helpless at first. Then, my inner warrior kicked in and I found out all I could about autism and how to heal my son from the inside out. Autism used to be blamed on the mother and the children were often hidden out of sight at home or in an institution. As more research sheds light on this complicated disease, and more children are diagnosed correctly, more people speak out on the effects autism has had on their children as well as families. How to improve gut health? Simply eat these foods that I will mention, whole grains, nuts, load up on veggies, beans and fresh fruits.

Kelly Preston and John Travolta’s Son Jett Was Diagnosed With Autism

Recently Kelly Preston was on the tv show The Doctors and she shared her feelings about what contributed to her son Jett’s autism and seizures. She feels there were several factors involved. During pregnancy she had food poisoning, which she feels affected Jett as well. A hard and fast delivery resulted in a ruptured placenta, causing a high fever. Kelly was given antibiotics to combat the infection. Kelly asked 3 doctors if it was safe to take medication and breastfeed at the same time. They all told her it was OK. Well, Jett got thrush, a yeast infection-Candida-that often results in leaky gut syndrome as well as other gut issues.

I Can Relate To Kelly’s Feelings

I believe the gut is a key issue in the cause of autism. When I was pregnant with CJ, I had two bladder infections and was given antibiotics both times. No one ever told me to take probiotics during and/or after I finished the medication to replenish my good gut bacteria. I believe that had I taken probiotics after the first infection, I would not have gotten another one. I really believe this affected CJ as he was born with cradle cap-another type of yeast/Candida infection. Many children with autism have leaky gut syndrome. Giving pregnant women antibiotics without telling them about the importance of replenishing their gut bacteria with probiotics is the real problem and the beginning of a major catastrophe ahead.

An Imbalanced Gut Equals An Unhappy Baby

Poor CJ had stomach issues when he was a baby. He threw up all the time and cried. People told me he would grow out of it-that he was just colicky or a fussy baby. I wish I knew then what I know now about the importance of probiotics. He wouldn’t have had to suffer so long until we began to heal his gut. CJ was miserable and in pain the first few years of his life until we discovered fermented and cultured foods. Once we began to replenish the good bacteria in his gut, CJ slowly began to heal.

This Is Important Information To All Woman Considering Having A Baby

Your gut health influences your child’s future over-all health. Research has linked a mother’s gut flora to her baby’s gut flora. In fact, your gut flora changes each trimester to help support the baby’s growth during pregnancy. Babies with a vaginal birth have more diverse gut flora than babies born by C-section. Researchers think that this may lead to better health as they grow up. So if you eat healthy and keep your gut bacteria balanced, your baby will have a balanced gut. It seems so simple, but how many OB/GYN’s are informing their patients about this? I was told to take my prenatal vitamins with folic acid, but never told about the importance of gut health. I know part of the problem is that gut bacteria has only recently gotten the attention it deserves, so maybe my doctors just weren’t aware of the importance of a balanced gut. Seventeen years later, I wonder how many doctors recommend a balanced diet including fermented/cultured foods to balance gut bacteria? Or how about recommending a “No Sugar Diet?” so that if there is a yeast infection in her body, it won’t feed and thrive on the added sugar? That’s an easy place to start!

There Are Many Theories As To What Causes Autism

I believe that there is not just one cause per child. Rather, I think several factors influence the likelihood that your child will be diagnosed with autism. I also believe the best way to decrease the chances is to keep your gut balanced before, during and after pregnancy. No doctor knows everything about every possible cause of any disorder. That’s why it’s so important for you to be your own warrior and research as much as possible. An imbalanced gut may be just a piece of the puzzle related to autism, but it is definitely worth the time and energy to research it. Besides, a healthy gut:

· Improves digestive function

· Improves bowel function

· Improves liver function

· Improves circulatory function

· Improves joint and muscle function

· Improves sleep function

· Improves resistance to allergies

· Improves vitamin absorption

· Improves lactose tolerance

· Improves gluten tolerance

· Improves appetite

· Improves skin quality

· Improves metabolism

· Improves mental clarity (gut-brain connection)

· Decreases your digestive ailments

· Decreases your stomach ailments

· Decreases incidence of heart burn

· Decreases incidence of constipation

· Decreases incidence of diarrhea

· Decreases the presence of yeast infections

· Decreases incidence of oral cavity infections

· Decreases wrinkles

· Decreases gas and bloating

· Increases nutritional absorption

· Increases energy

· Increases hydration

So who wouldn’t want to replenish their good gut bacteria?

It’s Up To You To Be Your Own Warrior

Doctors are ordinary people faced with an extraordinary job of healing people. They do not have all the answers, nor do they know all the questions to ask. Read and learn as much as you can about the importance of a healthy gut BEFORE you get pregnant. You will be given so much advice from doctors, friends, family and even strangers! Don’t take it all as the only truth, but at the same time don’t discount what someone has to say. Not all “old wives tales” are fantasy; most of them have been handed down for generations. Our ancestors knew the importance of fermented/cultured foods, but we began to push this in the background as processed and convenience foods inundated our culture. Sometimes simple is better!

Is Their Proof That Fermented Foods Work?

People always ask me that question, and I have three answers for them. First, YES! CJ is living/breathing proof of a healthy boy thanks to probiotics. Second, history and our ancestors have shown the importance of fermented foods. We don’t do what they did anymore and it shows in the state of our health today. Obesity and diseases related to inflammation are skyrocketing! Let’s go back in time and eat simply and healthy! Third, don’t believe me, all you have to do is go to your favorite web browser and type in benefits of fermented foods to read all about the research proving the benefits of fermented/cultured probiotic foods. It’s amazing how much money is being spent on research proving what our ancestors knew so many years ago! Keep in mind, it’s just FOOD. So try some cultured/fermented foods. You’ll be glad you did! Some people have a heart for charities to donate to especially for those babies that have serious problems.

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Is There A Link Between Gut Health and Autism?