Most people are into Dynamic Pilates Manly so every session they never get a change to missed it. No matter what the reason is for your interest in Pilates, it’s important that you learn to perform these exercises in the right manner and this is where the services of a Pilates instructor comes into the picture.

More about Pilates

When you learn this exercise form from certified and experienced instructors, they will make sure you learn the right techniques and help you understand what each of these movements and exercises do for you. Here is some information about what’s involved in Pilates sessions:

  • In most cases, the initial sessions are of 50-minutes duration. The instructor gives you guidance on the basics of this exercise form and how to perform the exercises safely and in a stable way.
  • Once you have gone through the initial few sessions, they will introduce some apparatus into your routine such as Pilates Balls, Balance Boards, Wunda Chair, Step Barrel, Springboard or Reformer etc.
  • You may start out with 10 sessions at the outset, for at least two to three times each week. This helps your body develop muscle memory and it is able to adapt more effectively to the various movements that are a part of Pilates. This becomes the foundation of your routine and you will find that you are able to build an improved body-mind connection.

About duet Pilates sessions

Duet Pilates sessions or 2-person training is a great way to learn this exercise form. While some people find it more beneficial to work out and attend these sessions with a like minded person who also wants to learn Pilates, there are some aspects to keep in view while taking duet Pilates sessions such as:

  • When you work out with a partner it helps keep you motivated
  • You are also able to stay more committed to regular workout schedules which makes the sessions more effective for you.
  • It’s still a private session and only you and your exercise partner will be trained by the instructor.
  • In most instances, the instructors offer discounted rates when you opt for duet Pilates sessions.
  • While this is a great way to learn Pilates, it’s also important that both you and your partner have similar physical goals and physical abilities.
  • You also need to ensure that both of you are able to commit to the same schedules for the sessions.
  • Most instructors recommend that you attend at least a couple of individual sessions before you team up for duet Pilates sessions.

These sessions will not be suitable for you if you have some limitation or physical condition that requires special attention if you are suffering from an injury or travel very often.

If you travel very often and feel that you may not be able to attend the sessions with regularity, duet sessions aren’t for you.

Pilates- What Sessions Should You Opt For?