The gut is one of the first places our bodies like to place excess fat. This is unfortunate, but it doesn’t have to stay there. I think most of us would prefer to have a flat tummy instead of piles of gut fat. If you do have these unsightly fat deposits and jiggly rolls then you should seriously consider taking steps to reduce or eliminate them. Not only will you look better, but ultimately you will improve your health. I think we can agree that avoiding unnecessary health problems is preferable. We would all like to add a few years to our lives. I would like to share with you a few tips on getting that gut fat removed. Find out how to get pregnant and start your journey to parenthood.

One way you can take that gut fat off is to reduce the calories you consume in a day. This will force your body to dip into those fat stores for energy. After all, your body needs to fuel in order to maintain its’ functions. This goes for breathing, digestion, and basic movements. Reducing calories can be difficult for some if you are in the habit of eating high calorie foods. The trick is to find lower calorie alternatives that you can enjoy just as much. In my case I used to eat cereal each morning. Even though I was using fat free milk, I measured the amounts in my bowl one day and discovered that I had been eating over 400 calories. That was way more than I thought. I tried replacing that cereal with oatmeal and found out that I could eat more food, feel fuller for longer, and only take in 300 calories. That is a 100 calorie reduction that I was happy to make. Of course, you may not like oatmeal. But, you may like other foods that would accomplish the same goal. Try doing this for every meal and snack.

Another way you can improve your gut’s appearance is to work those muscle groups. I know, you hate crunches. So do I. But, you do not have to do crunches in order to work those muscles. Your gut muscles are used for many movements and activities. If you bend over, lean back, or even lift objects those muscles play a role. For example, you could work those gut muscles by simply raising your knee up as you stand. You could also try the plank position where you simply lie on the floor by using your forearms and toes to support yourself. A few minutes of that position will give your gut a great workout. In fact, many athletes and bodybuilders completely ignore major gut workouts because other movements such as these do the job well enough. This is how to fix your gut health before you get pregnant.

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Tips on Dropping Your Gut Fat