Bbq catering Sydney services are great for company picnics, graduation parties, retirement parties, birthday celebrations, and even bridal showers. Imagine never again having to go to a barbecue restaurant for that singularly delicious, unparalleled smoked-meat taste. It is possible with barbecue smokers available on the market and suitable for the hobbyist cook. Conventional barbecue smokers require some preparation and a watchful eye, while electric barbecue smokers reduce the amount of effort you have to expend. Either way, the reward is melt-in-your-mouth, flavorful smoked meat.

When using a conventional barbecue smoker, necessary materials include charcoal, lighter fluid wood chips, ingredients for your favorite marinade or seasoning – and the meat of course. After marinating or otherwise seasoning the meat, you will need to prepare and start the barbecue smoker. First, fill large pan with water and slide it under the grilling surface to keep the meat moist. Soak the woodchips for 30 minutes before adding them to the firebox. Start the fire with charcoal and a bit of lighter fluid. Then wait for the smoldering coals to reach the appropriate cooking temperature of 225°F, at which point you can finally place the meat on the grilling surface of the barbecue smoker. You will need to monitor the temperature of the coals throughout the cooking process. Also, for that smoked-wood flavor, add damp woodchips to the firebox every hour, as well as more charcoal to maintain the correct temperature.

Although it’s nothing compares to authentically-smoked meat, you may be daunted by the work involved in using barbecue smokers.

Using an electric barbecue smoker is easier because you can “set it and forget it” to maintain the desired temperature. The electric barbecue smoker eliminates having to light the charcoal, wait for it to cool down, and monitor the level of heat. Also, the process of soaking and carefully adding wood chips can be dispensed with when using an electric smoker such as the SmokePistolTM. This brand of electric smoker employs specially designed wood cartridges. They slide into the electric smoker and result in that delicious smoked-wood flavor – easily.

An electric barbecue smoker gives you the option of cold-smoking foods as well. Cold smoking is used in the process of making wonderful delicacies such as pastrami, beef jerky, and the perennial favorite smoked salmon – just to name a few. In this process, a lower temperature is used as the food is more dehydrated than cooked. Some cold-smoking recipes involve cooking as well, such as that for pastrami.

With an electric barbecue smoker, you can turn out amazing smoked dishes and delicacies that your family and friends will talk about for a long time to come. Best of all, you can enjoy your favorite smoked beef, pork, chicken, bacon – and many more dishes – without the work demanded by a conventional barbecue smoker.

Using a Conventional Barbecue Smoker