I would like to introduce some special and interesting wedding celebrations to you. I wish you would be fond of this article since it is really fairly amazing, I think. Registry office wedding cost £22.00 for just a notice form only, it’s actually cheaper.

Two soldiers from America married two girls from Iraq under the pressure of the Pentagon in August, 2003. Their weddings were fairly special and unique since the whole processes of their weddings which were mysterious and serious were similar to special operations in the war. So exciting and adventurous!

The grooms wore military uniforms on that day and their hands held rifles tightly. The judge who held their weddings was very nervous and solemn during the procedures.

Another interesting wedding reception came from America as well. An American girl married a boy from Russia on 10th, August, 2003. The groom named Eury was an astronaut. He was in international station on the wedding reception while the whole wedding was still full of romance. The bride wore the traditional white wedding veils which made her fairly charming and pretty. Her eyes were filled with happiness. I think she was proud of his husband.

A wedding motorcade consisted of famous and luxurious cars of the world appeared in the street in Shen Yang on 9th, April, 2006. The cars in the motorcade were fairly expensive cars such as Porsche, Hummer, Bentley, Ferrari, Cadillac and so on. People there were surprised at those cars and said that it was indeed a luxurious celebration for the newlyweds.

The island of Bali in Indonesia has another beautiful name called “endure island”. There are lots of people who would like to hold wedding receptions in the Kerambitan palace, a famous palace built in the 17th century. When the newlyweds get married, they will wear traditional clothes to take part in the wedding celebrations and the local flamen will hold the whole ceremony. The newlyweds can singing and dancing on the beach after the receptions.

If you choose Las Vegas as your wedding venue, you can climb the Eiffel Tower to the 50th floor. Your wedding reception will begin when you walk into the first step of sightseeing elevator. You can even have your celebrations finished in the helicopter if you like. You can fell the romantic atmosphere in Las Vegas, I think.

Wedding receptions around the globe can be unique, strange, marvelous and interesting. If you would like to have a distinctive wedding reception, I suggest you search the Internet to get some specific information and select carefully. You can find out what you want finally, I think.

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